Wedding Tip Wednesdays: Guest Books

One of my favorite new trends in weddings is to be creative with the guest book. A traditional guest book usually finds it’s way to the bottom of the hope chest or top of the attic, never to be seen again. Today couples are coming up with all kinds of creative items to have their guests sign as a commemorative of their wedding day. What would you keep and display in your new home? My son and daughter-in-law were given a guitar which guests signed. Most craft stores carry picture frames made especially to hold an engagement portrait with wide borders for guest signatures. Another couple whose wedding I attended recently had a wooden chest which doubled as a card holder and signature item. Why have a book of names you will most likely rarely look at again when you could create a meaningful piece of art for your home with the love and well wishes of your friends and family? Use the guest book table as an opportunity to be personal, creative, and unique in your wedding decor.

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One Comment on Wedding Tip Wednesdays: Guest Books

  1. Daniel says:

    We had a large photo mat that everyone signed and wrote notes on. We framed one of our wedding pictures in it, and it’s now on our wall. We definitely see it more often than we would a guest book!