Wedding Tips Wednesdays: More or Less

A dozen little ways to be a happy bride…

  • Say thank-you more
  • Call, update, include and otherwise TALK to your mom more
  • Talk about your wedding less when it’s date-night with your fiance or girls’-night-out with your friends
  • Compromise¬†more
  • Demand less
  • Share decision making with your fiance, mom and/or others who are invested in the wedding more
  • Pray more
  • Stress the small stuff less
  • Stop and take a deep breath more so you can recognize and enjoy the many special moments in your wedding journey
  • Waver over decisions, look-back, worry and complain less
  • Work hard, cheerfully more
  • Rejoice MORE in the goodness of God to bring you this wonderful man to marry!
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