Why write another wedding planner?

You got engaged; your daughter is ready to plan the wedding; you just got asked to be the maid-of-honor. A quick glance over the shelves of your local Barnes & Noble and an Amazon.com search for wedding planners ensues. Here you are, shopping wedding planners, looking for just the tool you need, and you’ve stumbled on this site. Now you’re asking, “Why on earth would anyone consider adding to the mass of material already available to a bride?” As if there weren’t enough options already! The newly engaged bride could get lost in choosing her planner before she’s even made it to wedding planning. What good reason is there to be adding to the chaos?

Well, a slightly altered search on Amazon.com presents a bit of a different point of view. When I typed “Christian Wedding Planner” into my search box, I got just 3 or 4 options that were actually wedding planning guides. Most of these were woefully outdated. There’s just not much available to a bride who wants to keep Christ at the center of her wedding preparations.

Until now.

All Things Are Ready is for the bride who wants all the organizational help, tools, charts and advice every bride needs to pull off the wedding-of-the-century. However, the real reason I wrote it is for the Christian bride who wants a little something more from her wedding planning guide. All Things Are Ready was written as a tool for my own daughter, and I put into it encouragements to living for Christ as a bride and creating a wedding that glorifies Him that I would want her to consider. How can a bride exhibit the fruit of the Spirit as she works through the busy, stressful time of wedding planning? What can she do to be a blessing to her husband-to-be and others helping with her big day? How can a wedding reflect the glory of God in Christian marriage? These thoughts and more motivated me to creating a new kind of wedding planner in All Things Are Ready.

Why write a new option in wedding planners? For my daughter. For the many brides and their families who want to keep Christ at the center of the biggest day of their lives. For those who need something more than a bridal devotional, but don’t want just a dry tool. My hope is that All Things Are Ready will bring together the best in wedding planning tools and advice with the peace and encouragement of approaching this season of life with Christ in view. Perhaps it will bring joy, peace, order and encouragement to your wedding journey.

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