Wedding Perspectives

Take the Plunge and Get Married – WORLD Magazine points out that “The average age of marriage has been rising for everybody, the household of faith included.” Rather than being paralyzed by biblical standards and the importance of marriage, we need to remember that “…after the vetting and matching and endless discussion of goals and beliefs, you just have to join hands and take a leap. As careful as you try to be, the endeavor is riddled with uncertainty, guilt, hurt, and sin, because it’s a union of two sinful individuals who will be vetted by life itself.”

To Have and To…Hold Off On – Some creative ways to save money on your wedding, from Dave Ramsey fans.

When the Doors Open – Blogger Tim Challies says “I know the bride is the star of the show and you don’t want to miss her, but it’s okay to look to the front of the church for just a moment.”

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  1. Ms.Lawrence A. Cabrera says:

    Hi. I am a born again christian and i really like ur website. By the way im getting married this 26th of february to a born again christian groom. We have the same faith in the same church. I dont know where i can buy ur book entitle: All things are ready.